Community Newsletter

May 25, 2022

Brisbane School District Community,

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas experienced a horrifying act that resulted in the tragic loss of 21 innocent lives: 19 children and two teachers. Many more were injured.

Like you, I am bewildered and frustrated that our nation’s schools continue to be the targets of mass shootings. Days like yesterday seem to happen with alarming frequency, but it does not dull the impact they have on students, school employees, and families. We offer our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in Uvalde, Texas, and our support to those for whom this brings painful memories.

I want you to know that the safety of our schools, and the children and staff within them, is our highest priority. We keep most exterior doors and school gates locked during school hours. Students move in and out of the schools during recess and lunch; however, our protocols are to have the doors and gates locked all other times. We continually work to make critical safety upgrades to our buildings. We are very grateful for the passing of the Measure K modernization bond which has allowed us to upgrade our entryways, doors and camera systems. Improving our entry system continues with the modernization this summer that will allow for a buzzer entry system at each school so that all doors can remain locked during the school day. While we hope we never see a day like today again, please be assured that we will continue to assess our protocols to ensure the safest learning and working environment possible.

Staff and students may have questions and concerns and need support after learning about this tragic news. Please reach out to your school as we have a variety of mental health options to help all of us cope with this senseless tragedy.

We need to find a way to change the world; these stories and events are happening far too often and in a variety of settings. I am searching for the right answers as well. I ask that every single person do all within their power and ability to make our world a safer place.

Ronan Collver