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Bell Schedule

Morning supervision                     All grades                                    8:10-8:23 am

School starts                                   All grades                                    8:25 am

Regular dismissal                          Transitional Kindergarten        12:25 pm or 1:10 pm

                                                           Kindergarten                              2:00  pm

                                                           Grades 1-3                                  2:30 pm

                                                           Grades 4-5                                  3:00 pm


Wednesday dismissal                   Transitional Kindergarten      12:25 pm or 1:10 pm

                                                          Grades K-5                                 2:00 pm


Recess                                               All grades                               10:20 am-10:40 am daily

Lunch                                                 All grades                               12:25 pm -1:10 pm daily

Bell & Tardies

The first warning bell rings at 8:23 am and kids need to be lined up by 8:25 am. At 8:25 am we start our Morning Gathering meeting. If a student arrives after 8:30 am, he or she must sign in at the office and receive a tardy pass for class.